Pure Polyurethane Clothes


  • 100% unaffected by animal fats, degreasers, cleaning chemicals and water! Perfect protection against these four elements, which are always in existence in food processing facilities. Clothing not made with PU will fall a part reasonably fast.
  • Will always stay soft “to the touch” to -65°C: Toss into a freezer for just 30 minutes and you will see that our products remain soft, will always be soft and supple!
  • Laundry-safe: Easily clean in a regular washing machine. Dryer safe to 82°C. However, it does not absorb moisture at all, so you can also tumble in a dryer with no heat.
  • Virtually nothing stains or sticks to this: Apply paint, grease, food colouring, glues, etc., to check out the wide range of items that do not stick or stain our products.
  • Great abrasive restistance: Our products have outstanding abrasion resistance. Rub them against rough surfaces to confirm the level of resistance.
  • Extremely light weight and unbelievably comfortable: Production-line workers will be much more productive, less tired and happier wearing protective clothing that is not heavy and uncomfortable. Smart employers know that this will increase productivity.
  • Will NEVER crack: Most other materials used for protective clothing will crack and fall apart in food processing facilities. TD products will NEVER CRACK!
  • Highly resistant to many chemicals: To test, please immerse our product in harsh and caustic chemicals, alcohols, ammonia and acids to verify its durability.
  • Anti-microbial: Expose to animal waste and waste food ingredients or very west conditions – absolutely 100% anti-microbial. Our products will not host any bacteria!
  • Easily repairable: Quickly heat-weld a patch over damaged area using a household iron and brown paper between the patch and the hot iron.