We develop, create and implement technologies for the meat and food processing industry

The company has been growing for over 25 years, both as a supplier of specialized equipment for meat processing plants, as well as an expert in the field of innovative approach to production and business. Our R & D department designs and implements the production of complete technological lines.

With existing investments, we expanded our business in fields of production, within which we have patented our solutions. We own patent, to the chamber for rapid cooling, Diamant Line smoking sticks and technology for secondary pasteurization.

The main reason for the extension of production activities is the need to create dedicated solutions that enhance processes and improve productivity and efficiency of production lines in the meat processing and food industry.

Weindich Sp. z o.o. is a company with 100% Polish capital, combining more than 25 years of experience and tradition, with a modern glance at business. The company was founded in 1990 and for two generations is run by Weindich family. The company is known on the market as a supplier of machinery and equipment mostly for the meat industry, as well as for the foodservice industry and other food-related industries. It equips largest meat plants and processing plants as well as small and large dining and hotel facilities with specialized equipment for years. It combines the experience and knowledge of experts from around the world, designing a complete technological lines, which are implemented on the Polish and foreign markets.

Our Mission
Our mission is to actively promote the development of industry, and to provide all customers within the food processing sector, in particular the meat industry, with comprehensive services, while ensuring the efficient service of the highest level. To meet the expectations of our partners, we are constantly developing our offer – from design through final implementation and technology consulting.
Our goal is to provide the highest quality machinery and equipment for the meat industry and catering facilities, as well as to strengthen the image of Weindich General Partnership, as a trusted and fair partner, providing comprehensive and professional customer service and a high level of satisfaction with the services offered.

Our Team – we focus on the people
Weindich General Partnership Company employs more than 80 skilled workers. Personnel structure of our company consists of specialized divisions: commercial (supporting the meat industry and catering industry), customer service, marketing, service, e-commerce, complaints, administration and accounting, research and development, recruitment. Our specialists regularly participate in training (domestic and foreign), expanding their competencies and technical skills. Each employee can count on the support of experienced managers and owners.

Being a leader in the industry is a commitment, which is why we feel a special responsibility to help others. We undertake initiatives related to support people in need, including those with disabilities. We actively cooperate with the academic level career offices, supporting undergraduate and graduate students through internship programs during which they can acquire the necessary experience and resources for academic research.

Faith in creativity, entrepreneurship and loyalty of our employees is our strength and quality. Following the most important values – family, respect, loyalty and trustworthiness – we realize the mission and specific business goals. Driving these values allows us to be in the forefront of the industry and create corporate social responsibility.

Active involvement
We are a member of the Association of Butchers and Meat Poland, the Guild of Food, G6 European Association of Equipment Distributors for the Food Industry and co-founder of the first Silesian Guild of Gastronomy.